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Planning Your Sweet 16 or Quinceanera

There’s a lot of work that goes into planning the Perfect Sweet 16 – Where to have it? Who to invite? Will you do a Candle Lighting Ceremony? What music will you pick out? And, of course staying within Mom and Dad’s budget. Sound Investment makes planning your Party super easy! Our experienced, Pro radio DJs have done hundreds of Sweet 16s and Quinceaneras over the years and our basic Package is affordable for most people.

Dancing at a Sweet 16, Edmond Town Hall, Newtown, Ct.

Where to have it?

About 95% of our Sweet 16 Customers tend to rent out a location for their Party. This can be a local Volunteer Fire Department or local Church Hall or it can be as fancy as a Banquet Facility that specializes in Weddings. TIP: Make sure the location is local to where your Guests are coming from and that they know where it is. If you’re not sure where to have it, check out our Venues Page for some ideas.

Sweet 16, Anthony’s Lake Club, Danbury, Ct.

Having your Sweet 16 at a local Fire Department or Church Hall will really save money but, you’ll most likely have to set the room up yourself – tables and chairs would have to be set up (and put away), any food would have to be picked up or delivered to the location and lastly, you’ll need a clean up crew. This is a good option if you’re thinking about a Casual, Non-Formal Party and you’ve got lots of friends willing to help you decorate or clean up..

Having your Sweet 16 or Quinceanera at a Banquet Facility means that you just show up. That’s it. The Facility will set up the tables and chairs and also take care of cooking whatever food that you’ve ordered. As nice as this sounds, it can become rather expensive and your Guests would need to dress up.

Who to Invite?

Plan on some people not being able to make your Party because they might have plans already or might have to work. On average, we’ve noticed that about 30% of Guests won’t show up, even after RSVPing. Inviting 80 Guests is a good starting point.

Candle Lighting Ceremony

Candle Lighting Ceremony

The Candle Lighting Ceremony is when you have 17 candles (16 plus 1 for good luck) set up on a table or your Cake. You call up 16 people that are Special to you (Mom, Dad, Grand Parents, Best friends, etc) to light one of the candles. You light the 17th candle at the end. Most times, there’s a paragraph that you read about that person, why they’re important to you and then you call them up. PRO TIP: The Ceremony could drag on for 20 minutes if you write too much, so keep it short.


Make sure you visit your Online Music Library in your Account to pre-select your favorite songs! The Best Sweet 16’s or Quincenera’s always have a wide-variety of Requests from different genres. In the past, we’ve had people give us music lists of dozens of songs but, from only one or two Artists that they liked. What happens if your Guests don’t like those Artists or don’t know those songs? Disaster. Not much dancing. This is why we always take Requests at an Event – just to make sure that your list goes well with your Guests.
Quinceanera Dance Crowd

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