Photo Booths – You bring the Guests, We’ll bring the Fun!

"Classic Photo Booth at Candlewood Inn, Brookfield, Ct.

Having a Photo Booth at a Party or Wedding Reception is a great way to give your Guests a Party/Wedding Favor that they’ll actually like and won’t throw out when they get home. Over the years, we’ve seen Favors that range from 5 M&Ms wrapped in tulle to shot glasses (with the Couple’s name on them), Matchbooks to gourmet cookies and one Bride that actually had attractive, embroidered canvas bags made, and filled them with an assortment of gifts – a Wedding “Swag Bag!”. At the end of most Parties or Weddings that we’ve done, we always see empty tables with untaken Favors on the them. We can tell you from experience, that when a Booth is part of the Event, we seldom see photos left behind. Why? Because no one ever throws out a picture of themselves! According to Martha Stewart Weddings “…most couples spend anywhere from $2 to $3 on each wedding favor…” For just a little more (per person), you can have one of our fun Photo Booths instead. Save Time and Money – Ask us about our affordable Music/Photo Booth Package.

Classic Photo Booths

Choose a “Classic” Photo Booth if you’re looking for the Traditional experience of 3-4 pictures, printed on a Photo Strip, that Guests can take with them. Our Classic Booths can also be used “Open Air”, with a backdrop or with a Privacy Screen.

"Boomerang" Photo Booths

Boomerang Photo Booth

Boomerang Photo Booths are very popular these days. Your Guests can create videos (animated GIFs) to share via email or on Social Media Sites like Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest or Twitter. Just think, your Event could go Viral! You’ll also receive digital copies of every session at the end of your Event. Call for details.

Our Photo Booth Packages Include:

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Photo Booth Template Library

Scroll or Search through the Thousands of free Photo Booth Templates (below) that you can choose from for your Event. When you find your favorite one, Select it and fill out the Form. We’ll receive it, customize it and get a sample design back to you ASAP. We’ve also taken Event or Company Logos and provided in-house design services to customize the artwork.