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At Sound Investment, we learned long ago that when purchasing Sound Systems and DJ Components - You get what you pay for. All of our Sound Systems are composed of Professional Broadcast-Grade equipment, costing thousands of dollars, enclosed in Carpeted Professional Road Cases. In an age when some DJ Companies may choose to purchase less expensive components, we at Sound Investment continue to fill our Equipment Inventory with the latest in high-tech Sound Systems. Benefits of "Pro-Grade" Equipment are:

• Reputable Name Brand Manufacturers
• Better, Longer Warranties
• More Road-worthy and Durable, Built to Last
• More features, Options and Configurations
• Higher standards in the Design Process

Sound System at Candlewood Inn

Denon 2600 Dual Deck CD Player

Denon DN-4000 CD/MP3 Player

Mini-Disc and MP3's vs. Compact Disc Format...

A Great-Sounding Sound System begins by using the best possible music SOURCE - at this point in time - NOT Laptop Computers playing MP3's or Mini-Discs, but Compact Discs or "CDs". At Sound Investment, we only use Denon Dual Deck CD Players. Denon is a GREAT Company and their products are simply the Best. We are currently testing their DN-D4000 Dual Deck Player. This player can not only play CDs, but can play MP3 CDs as well. It even tells you what song you're playing on it's display. When playing MP3's from a laptop there's always the risk of hearing those annoying "glitches", "hiccups" and "hiss" of the MP3 format.

• 48K - DVD Audio, DAT Tapes
44.1K - CD Audio Format
• 43K - MP3 (at 160kbs) played from Laptop - missing most of the Mid-range and some of the Low-End Frequencies!
• 41K - Mini-Disc, Stereo Format
• 32K - Mini-Disc, Mono Format
*higher numbers are better

In's and Out's...

The Mixer is what essentially makes the music louder or softer over the system, the Volume. We have found throughout the years that the more Inputs and Outputs a DJ Mixer has the more options become available when working an event. Currently, on most of our mixers we can:

• Have 8 inputs (CD Players, VCR's, DVD Players, Tape Deck, even played the audio from a portable hand-held TV to hundreds of people on New Years Eve)
• Have 2 Microphones - wired, wireless or both
• Output in Stereo or Mono
• Output in Zone, Master, Record or Balanced Output
• EQ either Right or Left Channel
• Wirelessly "send" the audio to another room if Needed

Numark DJ Mixer and Denon CD Player

Heavy-Duty Crown Amplifiers


The Amplifier takes the audio signal from the Mixer and sends it to the Speakers. The more-powerful the amplifier the louder (potentially) the music can be played. At Sound Investment we have had really great experiences with Crown Amplifiers. They are built to withstand the demanding pressures of high temperatures and travel.

Wired and Wireless Microphones...

In addition to a regular corded Shure SM58 Microphone your DJ's Sound System also comes with a Shure Wireless SM58 UHF Microphone with Dual Diversity Receiver. It's a Great-Sounding mic for the Best Man's Toast or the CEO's Speech at the Company's Holiday Party. Benefits are:

• Range is about 300 feet
• Uses the Higher, Less Cluttered Radio Band
• 2 separate receiver channels - Locks in on Stronger Signal
• No "pops" or "drop-outs"
• No interference from cell phones
• Can manually change the frequency to a different one if another DJ in the Party next door has a wireless mic on.

UHF Wireless Systems




At Sound Investment we currently have 9 different pairs of speakers for different events and at different venues. The sizes range from 10" Bass to 18" Subwoofers. Bigger Venues tend to get bigger Speakers to "fill" the room while events in smaller rooms get the smaller speakers. For Proms and School Dances we always bring 4 of our Bigger Speakers automatically.

Speaker Inventory:

• 2 Pairs JBL 15", 2 ways
• 1 Pair Yamaha 10", 2 ways
• 1 Pair Carvin Compression Horns
• 1 Pair SoundTech Powered 15", 2 ways
• 1 Pair SoundTech 18" Subs
• 1 Pair JBL 18", 3 ways
• 1 Pair JBL 15", 3 ways
• 1 Pair JBL 12", 2 ways


We are one of the Few DJ Companies to offer lighting Packages. "Night-Club-Style" lighting can add another dimension to your Catering Facility's dance floor by making it seem more "exciting". For School Dances and Proms, we always bring something along. For Wedding Receptions, Your Light Show is included in the Price, BUT you need to specify it separately on your Contract. By default, we do not automatically bring Lights to Weddings unless you ask for it.

We have three types of fixtures available:

LED Par Lighting Fixtures - What you would see hanging from the ceiling at a Broadway Show or also used for Uplighting your Venue's room. 6 Different Colors, Dimmable. Extra Fee is Charged.

• Plug-n-Play Analogue Club Lights - Stationary fixtures, light beams move to a Patern. Good for the Dancefloor.

"Intelligent" Lights - Programmable to change colors, shapes, strobe-effect. Those Blue lights on "Who Want To Be A Millionaire - that's them.

• Other lights include Black Lights and Mirrored Balls

*Please Note: Lights work GREAT if your Event takes place at night OR if ambient lighting (windows, etc.) can be controlled during the day.

Uplighting at the Amber Room, Danbury, Ct.
LED Par Light used for Uplighting

Analogue "Avenger" and Effect

Intellegent Light and Sample Effect

Intelligent - "Majestic" and Effect

Lasers - Look Great on the Ceiling, like you're dancing under the Stars

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